A remnant of the strongest power user known to Eden, the "Code:Emperor's" soul which resides in Ogami's left arm (the arm of the Code:Emperor grafted into his body) and is the actual controller of his Azure Flame power. He's conceited and often looks down on the Code:Breakers, but can be easily moved to tears. After he finds out that Rui is his favorite singer "8 tears" he starts to have a crush on her.
His power, beside controlling the blue flame, can be used to summon dead people's souls from hell.
Later on, he's shown to take the form of a crowned young boy inside Ogami. According to him, this form is merely temporary, due to the lack of his full original strength.
In the Meiji era, the Emperor, along with Heike, Sakurakouji Sakurako, and one other person, founded Eden.

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