Alternative names:



Gloves, Facial Mark, Shorts, Child


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Red
Hair length: To Ears
Enjyu used to be a talented kid who wished to improve his skills more as a B-Daman player. His father however wanted him to take a dive on each of his battles so his dad could pay for their rent. Before each battle, Enjyu's opponents would pay him to lose the match, making them look skilled and Enjyu an amateur. Fed up of his life, Enjyu joined the Junior B-Daman Tournament. There he was disqualified after unfairly being accused of cheating due to his refusal to repeat his past life. After being betrayed by his only "friend", Enjyu took out his anger on his father in a B-DaBattle. As soon as the battle commenced, Enjyu's personality and hair changed from blue to red. Why his hair changed color is uncertain. After the battle (which had no proof of a victor), Enjyu joined the Shadow Alliance where he later received Lightning Khan, the brother of Cobalt Blade, as his new B-Daman. Later in the series, Lightning Khan was upgraded to Blazing Khan by Marda B.

Related anime:

Bedaman TV, 2004
Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits TV, 2005

Voice actors:

Steve Staley, English
Daisuke Kishio, Korean
Dániel Hamvas, Hungarian
Ja hyeong Gu, Korean