Enshou Bawoo


Alternative names:

Character Basis: Yuan Shao
Actor: Bawoo
Hero of Kahoku. The current head of the distinguished En family of Kishuu which has served the General for many generations. An ambitious person who aims for the world.

His tremendous wealth and reputation place him as a leader in the anti-Toutaku allied forces, but he didn't even come out of the headquarters in the battle at Korou Fortress. After Toutaku's defeat the Gyokuji is left with him.
Killed by Sousou after the battle at Yuushu.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he and his brother, Enjyutsu, formed the Anti-Toutaku Alliance. Both never stepped out for the battles. After hearing about the Gyokuji from Shiba-i, he and Enjyutsu both crave for it. When Ryuubi (Liu Bei) wanted to pursue Toutaku, Enshou became paranoid and thinks Ryuubi wants the Gyokuji for himself. When Enjyutsu came to see his help after his defeat, Enshou ignored him. At an unknown time, Enshou acquired the Gyokuji, and attacked Kousousan. He achieved victory and sets his eyes on Kanto (官渡) for a showdown with Sousou. With his troops failing him, he used the Gyokuji, and confronted Sousou, but was ultimately defeated by Sousou when the latter summoned the Tengyokugai.

Related anime:

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors TV, 2010

Voice actors:

Yousuke Akimoto, Japanese
Michael Pizzuto, English