Erika Miyaji

Erika is a rather cute girl who catches the fancy of most boys in her university. However, she turns them all down because she says, very bluntly, that she only likes other girls.
She finds Kaede after catching the other woman accidentally overhearing a confession she was rejecting. After lightly flirting with her, Erika kisses Kaede only to get slapped in the face. However, it seems this action causes her to become quite smitten with Kaede rather than disheartened.
She begins a friendship with the other girl though is very dogged in pursuing her.
Erika enjoys taking photos. She always carries a camera around with her and likes taking Kaede's picture a lot, though tells the other girl that she is not photogenic at all. She keeps her pictures as a visual diary of sorts and only takes her camera with her to places she likes and only snaps people she likes.
She is the subject of a lot of gossip, as people claim that she is a boyfriend stealer. She does not care about the rumours, nor does she deny them, though it seems that the only reason she broke up other people's relationships was to get the girl rather than get the guy.
Somewhere inside, Erika thinks that Kaede will never love her the way she does, and so does whatever Kaede wants just to make her happy and spend time with her. She is shocked to later learn that her feelings are reciprocated. Despite being gutsy enough to just kiss Kaede on their first meeting, she seems rather shy when the two start dating and even gets incredibly red when Kaede mentions sex.
[This character appears in the chapter "Maple Love".]

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