Fei Ling Fen


Alternative names:

Wielder of the Gate of Fire, Fei hails from the Chinese (Shanghai) branch of A.E.G.I.S., and joined the Japanese branch to help out with the high concentration of Invader activity. Her companion, a golden monkey called Ukiya (a licensed A.E.G.I.S. agent - but was once confused with Shun Ukiya), often helps her target Red Invaders. Her skills include "Da Xiong Mao" (Exploding Panda Fireball) and a fiery dragon (Shocking Fire Dragon).
According to a flashback, her brother and grandfather were taken away from their house in China by unidentified men (possibly a reference to the Cultural Revolution), never to be seen again. Her Gate color is red.

Related anime:

Gate Keepers TV, 2000

Related manga:

Gate Keepers Manga, 1999

Voice actors:

Bridget Hoffman, English
Chinami Nishimura, Japanese
Christelle Reboul, French