Fujino Mikado


Alternative names:

帝門 藤乃
Fujino is Hikaru's step mother, and the legal wife of the head of Mikado Corporation (Hikaru's birth father). She is also the younger sister of Hikaru's birth mother. Her face is almost identical to Hikaru's.
Her model character in "Tales of Genji" is Fujitsubo no Miya. She makes her first appearance on Hikaru's funeral.
Spoilers for volume 10
She is the main heroine for volume 10 of the novel. She is also Hikaru's "dearest" flower whom he continued to have love affairs with.
She was the one who indirectly caused Hikaru's death. She couldn't take the illegitimate love affair with Hikaru anymore and felt the relationship is cursed. After noticing being pregnant, she decided to kill Hikaru. Hikaru fell into the river when escaping her, but was saved by Michiru. However, Fujino express her anger, hatred and cursed the love she had with Hikaru. Both Hikaru and Fujino loves each other too much that they were unable to break this faulty relationship, hence fall into deep despair. After hearing Fujino's confession, Hikaru let go of Michiru's hand and committed suicide.
After a DNA test, it is proven that Hikaru is not the birth father of Fujino's baby.

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