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Digimon, Artificial Intelligence (ai), Horns, Monster, Horn


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Orange
Hair colour: Multicoloured
Gabumon is a yellow-skinned wolf-like Digimon about 2 and a half feet tall. He has a horn on his head and a tail. His back is covered in a dog-like blue fur pelt. He evolves from Tsunomon (In-Training form), which evolves from Punimon (Fresh Form). It later evolves in Garurumon (Champion form), WereGarurumon (Ultimate form), MetalGarurumon (MegaForm) and, in Digimon Adventure 02, fuses with WarGraymon in DNA Digivolution into Omnimon.
In the series, his partner is Matt Ishida.
Gabumon Gabumon Gabumon

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Voice actors:

Mayumi Yamaguchi, Japanese
Mira Thomson, English
Jeff Nimoy, English
Kirk Thornton, English
Hyosei, Japanese
Julien Haggége, German
Tamás Markovics, Hungarian
Circe Luna, Spanish