Geronimo Jr.


Alternative names:

Cyborg 005


Cyborg, Ponytail


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Nationality: America
Also called "G-Junior" for short, he was originally from an undisclosed part of the southwest United States. G-Junior is a Native American who was unable to find work because of widespread racism. At age 26, he was approached to be a Native American chief in a sideshow, but G-Junior simply punched the sideshow owner in the face, refusing to further the stereotypes about his culture. Black Ghost agents overheard the conversation and offered G-Junior a job far from home. G-Junior accepted, admitting that he really had no home anymore. (In the 2001 series he was a freelance construction worker bribed into accepting a very promising job offer by disguised Black Ghost agents). 005 was the first created when Black Ghost resumed its cyborg soldier program. Physically, he is the strongest as well as the biggest of the 00 Cyborgs; he also has heavily armored skin, evidence of Black Ghost's technological evolution since 004. However, he is also a silent, humble man with a deep reverence for nature and life, and it's speculated that he may have a sort of sixth sense that allows him to sense changes in the nature and possibly other people's thoughts.
Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr. Geronimo Jr.

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Voice actors:

Teruyuki Tanzawa, Japanese
Patrick Seitz, English
Akio Otsuka, Japanese
Banjou Ginga, Japanese
Beau Billingslea, English
Hiroshi Masuoka, Japanese
In Seong O, Korean
Matti Klemm, German