Alternative names:



Cyborg, Bounty Hunter, Half Mask, Hat, Swordsman, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Not visible
Hair length: No Hair
Gime is a hunter/warrior – a bounty hunter who works the streets of Scrap Iron City, hunting bounties offered by 'The Factory', the mysterious organization responsible for recycling scrap from Zalum, and shipping finished goods there. He has been cyberneticly-enhanced, and is an expert swordsman. He possesses two swords, which can be connected together at the pommels to form a single weapon.
Gime was the hunter/warrior responsible for killing the brother of Yugo, after the boy's sister-in-law had reported that her husband was building a forbidden aircraft to travel to Zalum. He was there at Bar Kansas, a hangout for bounty hunters, when Gally, who had become a hunter/warrior herself, was confronted by the former cyborg gladiator, now fugitive Grewcica, who had been upgraded by Chiren. Gime also had witnessed the battle between Gally and Grewcica, as well as the girl's victory.
Since then, Gally had beaten Gime to about every bounty that was offered, as the girl was hoping to use the money The Factory offered to travel to Zalum with Yugo. But everything changed when, on a stormy night, a price was placed on Yugo's head after he was caught in the act of spinal theft. He knew of Gally's fondness for the boy, and had followed her, just as Chiren was, in case she found Yugo. He found the boy, but allowed him to return to where he hid his credit chips – then struck, effectively killing the boy.
After hearing Yugo scream, Gally raced outside, only to find Gime standing over his body. Gime then let Gally know of his disgust of how a hunter/warrior had let her feelings for a prey cloud her judgment and told her he was taking his head, just like he took the head of Yugo's brother years before. The two hunters then fought, but Gally, despite her knowledge of Panzer Kursk, was at a disadvantage from the more-experienced Gime. Then taking a risky gambit, just as Gime was about to make a killing stroke, Gally caught his sword, charging it and his body at the same time. Although the power Gally put through Gime wasn't enough to kill him, it was more than enough to charge the larger hunter's body to attract a bolt of lightning from a still-stormy sky, which reduced Gime to a pile of debris.
Chiren, who was nearby, used her skills as a cyberneticist to save Yugo's head by using Gally's life support systems. That way she was able to get Yugo back to Daisuke Ito, who gave the boy a cybernetic body.
(source: Absolute Anime)
Gime Gime Gime Gime

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Voice actors:

Kazuyuki Sogabe, Japanese
William Roberts, English
Bryan Bounds, English