Alternative names:

Giroro Gochou


Alien, Gunslinger, Military, Scar, Frog, Facial Scar, Stitches, Skull


Gender: Male
Corporal of the Keroro Platoon. Giroro's history in war left him with a scar and weapon belt in memory of his killed friends. Giroro loves Natsumi Hinata and he would attack anyone who harms her. His weapon expertise and power makes him a powerful member of the platoon.
His often aggravated and irritably short tempered self is caused by the lackadaisical and unfocused members of the Platoon, especially Keroro, in their invasion of Pekopon.
Giroro is often used as comic relief throughout the series, as he resides outside of the Hinata house in his tent. Most often he is crushed by something dropped from Natsumi's window, or a falling object from space, usually containing an alien of some sort (or Karara). His afro, which only appears after being caught in a blast or Dasonu*Maso's afro beam, is blond.

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Voice actors:

Akiko Hiramatsu, Japanese
Jouji Nakata, Japanese
Christopher Sabat, English
Diego Sabre, Italian
Scott Evans, English
Yoram Yosefsberg, Hebrew
Yeong Jun Si, Korean