Graham AKER


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Human, Military, Adult, Honorable Fighter, Mecha Pilot, Teenager


Gender: Male
Age: 27
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Ears
Height/size: 1.80m
Nationality: America
Weight: 62kg
Name: Graham Aker
Date of birth: September 10, 2280
Age: 27(Season 1) / 32(Season 2) / 34(Movie)
Nationality: Union (American)
First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 1, Celestial Being
Unit: YMS-01A Union Flag
The ace pilot of the Union. Originally on the MSWΛD (Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development) mobile suit team with the rank of First Lieutenant recently promoted to Captain, he was later transferred to the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad. Possessing uncanny instincts, he pilots a black custom Union Flag. His signature move is to transform his Flag in mid- flight. When fighting the Gundams he exhibits tenacity and skill which makes him a formidable opponent for the Gundams.
In Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Drama CD, it was revealed Graham was an orphan who dreamed of flying in the skies. Without the funds to become a civilian pilot he joined the air force to pilot military vehicles. He became a test pilot for the prototype Flag and easily mastered it without reading even the manual. A superior officer had wished Graham to marry his daughter but Graham declined. In a practice battle with him, Graham managed to defeat the officer and sent his mobile suit crashing; this resulted in his superior officer's death. Though this was purely an accident, it has stained Graham's reputation. One of his comrades, Joshua Edwards, even claims that his promotion to First Lieutenant of the Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development team was given to him because he kills his superior officers. Graham ignores these rumors as he prefers to vindicate himself on the battlefield.
Mister Bushido (ミスター・ブシドー)
Unit: GNX-U02X Masurao
While flying his GN Flag into space, he spotted Setsuna/Exia and engaged him in melee mobile suit combat. Their final blows resulted in a spectacular scatter of red and green GN particles in space. The battle appears to be mutual destruction, but Graham didn't die. He was recovered by UN Forces and healed from his injuries, but his face was badly scarred in the fight.
4 years later, during the 1 year anniversary of the Earth Sphere Federation, it's been revealed that Graham didn't heal his facial scars and wore a Japanese samurai mask to cover his injuries. He has since joined A-Laws and no longer uses his original name to identify himself. He goes by the name Mister Bushido.
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Voice actors:

Yuuichi Nakamura, Japanese
Paul Dobson, English
Thomas Guitard, French
Jan Kurbjuweit, German