Name: Ming Ju Wen
In-game name: Guiliastes/Gui (pronouncd Juleastes & Ju)
Race: Demon*
Job: Bard
Team: Odd Squad
Pet: Fire Phoenix
One of the members of Odd Squad. Upon first meeting Prince, he kissed his (Prince) hand in front of many people in Star City. He "appears" to be gay and as a result of going to far in his praise of how perfect Prince was, Prince killed him. On his second meeting, he helped Prince and the Odd Squad kill zombies and since then he has joined the team. He enjoys harassing Prince and getting beaten by him but later he realizes his love for Prince without knowing Prince's true gender/identity.
In reality, he is 26 years old and works as a professor at the university that Feng Lan and Feng Yang Ming attend and teaches literature in one of Feng Lan's class. Rumor has it he is a genius with and IQ of 200. He became a professor at the age of 22 and got his PhD at the age of 25. By the age of 26, he is one of the most sought-after lecturers by all universities in the country. Because of Feng Yang Ming's similar expression and attitude to Prince, Gui suspected he was actually Prince.
In a small side story, it is shown that he was actually very bored in his everyday life, finding everything mundane. He initially had no interest in games and only got Second Life when a persuasive salesman convinced him to buy a computer. Second Life came free with a sleeping headset, the use of which allows the player to play Second Life while asleep. He initially mocked the concept of RPG's but after reading the manual he decided to give the game a try. He soon fell in love with the freedom of the virtual world and spent many hours roaming lands and playing his music.
It is revealed that he is not actually homosexual as it is first implied, but is straight and at first thought that Prince was a homosexual checking him out. He began swooning over him to see how far he could push him and though at first Prince found the attention flattering, he kills Gui a few moments later because Gui said "men's bodies are better than females."
Gui continues to pretend to be a homosexual just for the fun of it, but soon finds himself seriously interested in Prince (still without knowledge of Prince's true gender).

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