Hakuei REN


Alternative names:

Ren Hakuei
練 白瑛
れん はくえい


Human, Magic User, Mole, Royalty, Ponytail, Dress, Fan, Hair Tube, Adult


Gender: Female
Age: 21
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: Past Waist
Height/size: 1.69m
Age: 21
Height: 169 cm
Likes: sewing
Weakness: cooking
Birthplace: Kou Empire
Kou Empire's first emperor's third daughter. She is a dungeon capturer. She is the general of the western army, but is not seen as reliable by a part of them because of her pacifist personality. She is also troubled because of her position as a general and the fact that she wants to settle things peacefully. On the other hand, as she is a dungeon capturer, she is courageous and has a high fighting strength and a strong will.
As she is an existence that takes over Hakuryuu's mother, she made sure that Hakuryuu will be able to do everything on his own.
Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN Hakuei REN

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Voice actors:

Nana Mizuki, Japanese
Melissa Fahn, English
Jeong Mi Bae, Korean

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