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Gender: Male
Hair colour: Yellow
Part I: 24
Part II: 25
Hatenko is man with yellow hair and orange eyes. He wears black pants, a red shirt (with "Hajikegumi" (ハジケ組) written on the back of it), and constantly wears a scarf regardless of the weather. He has a rather laid-back and smug back personality. Hatenko never seems to think of his opponents as much of a challenge, unless he is completely sure that they are a threat.
Hatenko is one of the most enigmatic characters in Bo-bobo, whose alliance is found with nearly every force that gets in contact with him. His true alliance is with his home in the Hair Kingdom, as emissary of Hair Child (and Bo-bobo's big sister) Bububu-bu Bu-bubu in bringing her little brother to save their collective home. Likewise, Hatenko is also associated with the Hajikegumi, where his obsession with Don Patch makes him blind to his true mission even when he knows what exactly he has to do. There are even moments where the Maruhage Empire manipulates him into working alongside them, including forcing him to lure Bo-bobo into Evil Blood Mansion as a means to eliminate him, using OVER's Kill Seal against him to make him do what was told of him at the risk of his own life. Ultimately, Hatenko's mysterious nature defines who he his, his aloofness preventing anyone from knowing his true meaning or least whenever Don Patch isn't involved.
At first, he seems to be one of the few level-headed characters of the series, but his obsession with Don Patch would prove otherwise. Whenever Don Patch is around, Hatenko immediately goes into a fan-boy state, where he is under the impression that Don Patch is invincible and that everything he does is something to be admired. The only exception for this behavior is when Hatenko is in a serious fight.

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Voice actors:

Daisuke Kishio, Japanese
Jeff Nimoy, English
Alfredo Martínez, Spanish