Hockera Achino


Alternative names:

A member of the Accino Family and the third and youngest son of Don. Hockera has a habit of ending his sentences with the word "ke". He also sometimes talks with game terms within them such as "Time" when he wants a person to wait, and "Game Over" when he supposedly is defeated. He also has a distinct laugh of his own which goes "Hoh ke ke ke". The laugh particularly almost sounds like the word "Hockey" with the second syllable repeated several times.
Hockera is a bit of a trickster. He pretends to be dumber than he really is in order to catch opponents off guard. This tactic of his aids him in battle against foes that would otherwise be too strong for him to handle.
(source: One Piece Wiki)

Related anime:

One Piece TV, 1999

Voice actors:

Takuma Suzuki, Japanese
Z. Charles Bolton, English
Luc Boulad, French