Hol Horse


Alternative names:



Adult, Big Ego, Flirt, Gunslinger, Hat, Smoker


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Blonde
An arrogant cowboy and the wielder of the Emperor Stand, which takes the form of a revolver. Upon being fired, the Emperor can control the bullet's flight path, allowing it to turn in midair. He, however, prefers to operate with a partner, as his Stand is fairly weak and not effective without backup. While originally seen working with J. Geil, he later becomes partners with Boingo. Despite his arrogance, Hol Horse prefers to see himself as a "No.2 kind of guy" rather than a "No.1 kind of guy". He is named after the hip-hop group Full Force.

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Voice actors:

Norio Wakamoto, Japanese
Hidenobu Kiuchi, Japanese