Alternative names:

Sekirei #06



Human, Warrior, Alien, Genetically Engineered, Masks, Smoker, Unspecified, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Silver
Hair length: To Neck
Height/size: 1.73m
Nationality: Japan
Weight: 53kg
Minato's sixth Sekirei. At first he was the self-proclaimed 'Sekirei guardian', he often interrupted Hikari and Hibiki's fights to side with the unwinged Sekirei. Homura is said to be a Sekirei prototype (his power and gender are unstable), however he continues to think and act as a male even after his body started becoming female. He lives at Izumo Inn as "Kagari", a popular host club entertainer and no one except Miya, Uzume, Matsu and Kazehana know his secret identity. He's later revealed to be Sekirei #6 and his ability is the basic element, "Fire". By the end of the second stage he was the last unwinged Sekirei. The MBI director sent a message to all Ashikabi that the last unwinged Sekirei was in the north area, and became hunted by them. Homura was been reacting to Minato, which caused 'him' great stress over his potential Ashikabi being male, although Homura almost kissed Minato once. Homura has left Izumo Inn to go after Minaka Takehito (game master and head of the MBI) in order to bring an end to the Sekirei game. After being cornered by other ashikabi who wanted to wing him, Homura decides to commit suicide by igniting his body with his own flames, but is saved in the last time by Minato and his Sekirei crew. Unable to accept Homura's will to sacrifice himself, Minato forcibly kisses him.
Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura Homura

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Voice actors:

Yuki Kaida, Japanese
Leah Clark, English
Dirk Petrick, German
Min Seok Kim, Korean