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Ditz, Enthusiast, Happy-go-lucky, Human, Idealist, Student, High School Student, Teenager, Gakuran


Gender: Male
Age: 15
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Ears
Nationality: Japan
Hojo is a boy at Kagome's school, and forms a giant crush for Kagome. He completely believes she's sick all the time and goes out of his way to bring her things to make her feel better.
After Inuyasha forced Kagome back to her own time Kagome had an actual date with Hojo. But she was so worried about Inuyasha's wounds that she ran out of the restaurant in the middle of everything to try and return to the past. She often tries to convince herself that she really loves Hojo, but she always seems to take Inuyasha over Hojo if she has the choice.
On a side note, Hojo's ancestor, Hojo Akitoki, shows up back in the past, and he is also in love with Kagome. He appears first in the second movie, Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, and then later in Episode 137: The Ancestor's Name Is Kagome. Hojo Akitoki looks a lot like the present day Hojo, except with a different hair-style and his hair and eye color are a lighter brown.
On March 14, 2006, on Inuyasha, they mentioned a sword of Kaijimbo before Tokijin was made. This sword gave bad luck to the Hojo family. The character had only half of the sword because the Naginaga (the swords name) was cut by the handle making two. Hojo Akitoki has the Kene blade.
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Voice actors:

Yuji Ueda, Japanese
Daniele Raffaeli, Italian
Matt Smith, English
Gwang ju Jeon, Korean
Rolando De la Fuente, Spanish
Jan Makino, German