Alternative names:



Human, Company President, Adult, Shipwright


Gender: Male
Age: 38
Birthday: 3. January
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Facial
Hair length: To Ears
Nationality: Water 7
The president of the Galley-La company, Iceburg (アイスバーグ, Aisubāgu?) is currently 38 years old. He is loved by the people of Water 7, especially by all of his workers. They enjoy his company and often ask for his opinion and input on anything having to do with building ships.
Iceburg at times seems to have two different personalities. Sometimes, he acts in a very childish way, canceling all of his meetings so that he can show people around, refusing to meet with people because he doesn't like them, finding animals on the ground and taking care of them, and other such behaviors. He currently has a mouse that he named "Tyrannosaurus". However, when the time comes, he can be very serious, and it becomes clear that his childishness is only when he is relaxed.
Iceburg was the holder of the plans to Pluton for four years after Tom's death. After those four years, he secretly gave them to Franky, Tom's other apprentice that Iceburg had known since the two were children. However, as this was done in secret, the government still believes that Iceburg is in possession of the plans. As such, some officials come to try and get them from him on a regular basis.
Iceburg also believed that Nico Robin deserved death because she was the only person alive who could decipher the ancient Poneglyphs that could revive Pluton. He tries to kill her during the Water 7 arc, but later believes that he was wrong about her and that she is a good person.
The recent Aqua Laguna and its devastating impact on Water 7 gave Iceburg the desire to make Water 7 into a boat and float it on the water. When talking to Franky, Iceburg gave out Tom's famous quote, "With a DON!". Franky agreed that the phrase suited Iceburg.
* Iceburg was recently voted the 19th most popular character in One Piece.
* According to a Volume 43 SBS, Iceburg's birthday is January 3rd. This is because ai is the pronunciation of the English letter "i", which looks like the number one. Su is the first part of the Japanese pronunciation of the word "three" (surī). Put together, these make Aisu (Ice), the first part of Iceburg's name.
* Despite the fact that Eiichiro Oda has spelled his name as "Iceburg" multiple times, this isn't always used. Many fans prefer the name "Iceberg". The anime itself spelled the name as "Icebarg" once, while Oda himself wrote it as "Iceberg" in a recent fan poll.
* Occasionally, he says “nmaa” before his sentences. It seems he uses it as an ancillary word to express his frustration; similar to the word “well”.
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Voice actors:

Izo Oikawa, Japanese
Daisuke Kishio, Japanese
Min Seok Kim, Korean
Austin Tindle, English
Thierry Kazazian, French
Philip Weber, English

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