Alternative names:

Mr. 8


Human, Adult, Military, Verbal Tic


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: White
Hair length: To Shoulders
Nationality: Alabasta
Captain of the royal guards, he is Chaka and Pell's boss. He and Princess Vivi infiltrated Baroque Works and manage to become Frontier Agents in order to learn the organization's true boss and objectives. He was known as Mr. 8 by most of the Baroque Works before being exposed, and introduces himself as Igarappoi when he is first seen in Whiskey Peak. Igaram fights with a saxophone that shoots bullets when played, and he also has small guns hidden in his hair that fire when he pulls on his neck tie.
After he and Vivi were found out, he dressed up as Vivi to act as decoy while the Straw Hats helped Vivi get back to Alabasta. But Nico Robin (Miss All Sunday at the time) blew up his ship and he was presumed dead until the end of the Alabasta arc, where he emerged alive and well in Nanohana (which appears to be what Robin intended).
He finally caught up with the rebellion carrying a witness, Kappa, who saw Mr. 2 Bon Clay remove his disguise as Cobra, the king of Alabasta, proof that the rebellion was started by Baroque Works and not by the faults of the king. He was again seen decoying as Vivi, during a speech to the people of Alabasta, so she could sneak away secretly to say goodbye to the Straw-Hats. Later in the Rainbow Mist Arc, he is seen placing Rainbow Mist Volume X on a shelf in Alabasta. He seems to have more than a necessary liking for wearing women's clothing, and has dressed as Vivi off his own bat more than once. This could just be because of his loyalty to Vivi.
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Voice actors:

Keiichi Sonobe, Japanese
Rob Mungle, English
David Wills, English
Francisco Andres Valdivia, Spanish
Brian Zimmerman, English

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