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The security guard of the basement in Shibuya mansion. She's a mechanical doll created by Shibuya with the power to "drain" power from power users, thus making her a perfect protector of the Pandora's box. She bars anyone from entering the basement, except Ogami, whom she seems to recognize.
Inoichi used to be Sakura's caretaker when she was little and raised inside Eden's laboratory. She's programmed to protect Sakura, and tends to follow her everywhere.
A mechanical doll that was created in order to protect Sakura. Her purpose of living is to protect Sakura. Sakura had a flashback in chapter 66, which revealed that she knew Inochi and was protected by her before she was adopted by the Sakurakouji family. Sakura also remembers that Inochi always stayed by her side when she slept and Sakura always sat on her lap when she was a young girl.

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