Alternative names:



Demon, Wings


Gender: Female
Hair colour: No hair
Age: Unknown
Index Name: "Elayce of the Dragon Skeleton"
Weapon: a whip, self-destruction
Invidia is one of the Black Knights in 11eyes and is one of the two female Black Knights alongside Superbia. Invidia is shown to move with incredible speed and uses a large whip as her main weapon.
Invidia's first appearance in the anime is during episode 4 where, as Yukiko is about to kill Ira, she stabs Yukiko through the stomach, apparently killing her. As Invidia is about to attack the others though, Takahisa appears and severely burns her along with Ira but is saved by the end of the Red Night. Invidia then appears in episode 6, fighting with Takahisa after saying she'd get revenge for burning her face (the left side of her face is blackened). Takahisa then joins the others saying she ran away, but she re-appears after Shiori kills Scholastica/Acedia.
During episode 8, Invidia attempts to attack Kakeru, but her actions are seen by his Eye of Aeon and as she misses, she is sliced in the back. Later, when Kakeru and Takahisa are immobilized, Invidia moves to kill them however, she is intercepted and loses to Yukiko's blade and then is stabbed in the chest by Kukuri. As Superbia leaves the battle, she says she'll leave Invidia to deal with everyone, causing Invidia to surround everyone and threaten to self-destruct. Yuka then appears and nullifies everyones powers, and Invidia is stabbed in the head and killed by Yukiko.
11eyes OVA:
Invidia makes a cameo in the 11eyes OVA as one of the 5 Pink Battle-Style Ero Rangers, calling herself Ero-Ranger Persian Pink. When she strikes a pose with the other Knights however, they all spontaneously explode, leaving a crater in the ground.
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Voice actors:

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