Alternative names:



Demon, イラ


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: No hair
Age: Unknown
Index Name: "Sebastian of the Holy Bone"
Weapon: Scythes
Ira is one of the Six Black Knights in 11eyes.
Ira's first appearance in the anime is during episode 3 where he chases Kakeru and Yuka after leaving Gula to fight with Misuzu. Although almost killing them both, he is chased away by Kukuri. Ira is then seen again in episode 4 under attack by Yukiko, but as he is about to be killed by her, he is saved by Invidia. As Invidia is about to attack the others however, both him and Invidia are severely burnt by Takahisa but are both saved by the end of the Red Night. Ira then appears in episode 5, confronting Kakeru and Yuka when they are trying to run away. Ira then begins to fight with Kakeru, and although at first having the upper-hand, Kakeru's power to see the future awakens, allowing Kakeru to easily dodge Ira's attacks. Kakeru then dodges Ira's final attack and slices him in half, killing him.
11eyes OVA:
Ira makes a cameo in the 11eyes OVA as one of the 5 Pink Battle-Style Ero Rangers, calling himself Ero-Ranger Salmon Pink. When he strikes a pose with the other Knights however, they all spontaneously explode, leaving a crater in the ground.
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Voice actors:

Yuuki Fujiwara, Japanese