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Izumi is a rather eccentric though simple girl.
She does not find her lifestyle to be strange, but to the average person, she is rather odd. She calls her mother by her first name, she eats vending machine lunches most of the time, and does not really have any cares or problems.
She loves spending her lunch times with her best friend Shizuka, who sometimes gives her some home-made food so Izumi's diet is not so unhealthy. She cares for her best friend a lot, and notices one day that Shizuka is not herself (unbeknownst to her, Shizuka had her heart broken by unrequited love for an upperclassman in her club).
Izumi fries her brain over ways to cheer her friend up, and decides to make her a lunch filled with love so she can be happy again; the lunch turns out to be a mostly inedible tasteless disaster made with frozen food, but Izuki is glad to see that Shizuka is willing to eat it.
She suddenly gets rather flustered when Shizuka smiles once again for her, and wonders why her heart suddenly begins to beat a little faster around her friend now...
[This character appears in the chapters "A Lunch Made with Love" and "Winter-tinged Thoughts".]

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