Alternative names:

Negaeri No Jango Santouhei


Human, Pirate, Adult, Breathtaking Beard, Hat, Sausage Lips, Sunglasses


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Not visible
Hair colour: Facial
Hair length: To Chest
Seaman Recruit Jango (ジャンゴ三等兵 Jango Santohei, romanized in English adaptations as Django) is the first mate and hypnotist of Captain Kuro. He uses disks that double as chakrams to hypnotize people to his advantage in battle. He has a former bounty of 7,000,000 Beli. Jango usually ends up hypnotizing himself as well as his targets.
Jango wears strange clothes, including a long coat covered in the disks he uses to fight and hypnotize, and red-lensed heart-shaped glasses. Jango possesses the power of hypnosis which he uses with varying degrees of success. He is defeated by Usopp while attempting to kill Kaya, and later is shown in a series of cover stories. He joins the Navy and serves under Captain Hina.
Jango gained his powers after eating a mushroom that had grown on his chin while he was sleeping. He only ate the cap and the trunk of the mushroom still resides on his chin.
Jango Jango Jango Jango Jango Jango

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Voice actors:

Kazuki Yao, Japanese
Wataru Takagi, Japanese
Kenny Green, English
Oliver Wyman, English
Jaime Roca, Spanish
Alfredo Rollo, Brazilian
Simcha Barbiro, Hebrew
Paul Sedlmeir, German
Emmanuel Liénart, French
Tony Marot, French

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