The Head Cook of the Black Order. He is Indian, and of unknown age; "Jerry" is just his nickname. He knows Muay Thai, Thai-style kickboxing, and growing up, he knew he would inherit his family's dojo from his father, but Jerry never wanted it. He wandered through various countries instead. Although male, he is very motherly, which he discovered, along with his ability to cook, in China. When first introduced, the mangaka put a male symbol next to his name to make sure readers knew that he was a man. In a two-page omake of various characters that, under various circumstances, come to work for Jerry, Arystar Krory is shown with a text bubble that states "Asked Jerry if he was gay" under his head.[9] He is stated to be Komui's best friend, and he gets along well with Lenalee.
Jerry's height is stated to be 192 centimeters; his blood type is O; he was born on November 7th and is a Scorpio.

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D.Gray-man TV, 2006

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Voice actors:

Takuma Suzuki, Japanese
Bryan Massey, English