Jewelry BONNEY


Alternative names:



Human, Pirate, Big Eater, Hat, Piercings, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Violet
Hair colour: Pink
Hair length: To Chest
Jewelry Bonney is the captain of the Bonney Pirates and a South Blue native.
Her bounty is 140 million beli, and is one of the 11 Supernovas. She is the only female Supernova.
Bonney is an extremely gluttonous person with very poor table manners. She will, for instance, demand more food even though she hasn't finished her current meal. She seems to have a particular love of pizza, even eating a slice during her first appearance in the series.
While she may have bad manners, she has some common sense. She knows when to fight and when to prevent trouble, particularly in dangerous territories such as the Sabaody Archipelago. When she saw Zoro attempting to attack a World Noble, she orchestrated a scene where in her "older brother" got "killed" from the Noble's initial shot in order to prevent an Admiral from coming to the island.
Bonney also believes in the stereotypical view of what a pirate should be. While she saved Zoro from attacking a World Noble, it was to protect her own skin. She, however, refused to help an innocent man who was shot earlier by the same noble. Her reason for doing this was that the man was a stranger and she was a pirate, and while Zoro was also a stranger to her, he himself is a pirate.

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Voice actors:

Reiko Kiuchi, Japanese
Christine Paris, French