Alternative names:



Bandages, Samurai, Scar, Undead


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Facial
Jigoro is a General Zombie, and is a middle aged man with a thin moustache just under his nose. His head is wrapped with bandages and he has what appears to be a metal casket attached to his legs. He also sports a haramaki (stomach band) similiar to Zoro. He wears a yellow shirt with the text "Your Song" and short shorts.
He is a former samurai. When he was alive, he single-handedly killed seven thousand pirates to save his own family. His age at the time of his death was 59.
Being a General Zombie, Jigoro was much stronger than the lower echelons of Thriller Bark's zombie ranks, and with Zoro's shadow infused into him, Jigoro was capable of performing Zoro's Santoryu techniques.
Even though no ego was left, he still couldn't get along with Inuppe, who had Sanji's shadow, resulting in them getting in a fight over orders.
His life force was eventually taken away when Moriah stole the shadows of every zombie to become even more powerful.

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One Piece TV, 1999

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One Piece Manga, 1997

Voice actors:

Kazuya Nakai, Japanese
Christopher Sabat, English