Junko Tonami


Alternative names:

砺波 順子
The girl who sits next to Harima who you see during the scenes where Harima attempts to tell Tenma to put her name on her test. In the Survival Game she was on the Cafe Faction. Rinko appears as the narrator in the Class Play during the Cultural Festival, cosplaying as Saber from Fate/Stay Night.
This character has not been formally introduced in the series yet. She has been nicknamed "Rinko" by multiple Japanese fans on School Rumble @ 2chan which means "Next Girl," since she sits next to Harima, but her name has never been mentioned in the anime or manga itself.
Despite not having a name, she has received a speaking role in episode 2 of School Rumble Season 2, where she infamously refers to the relatively unimportant and insignificant character, Ishiyama Hiroaki, as the other guy completing the insult that Hanai Haruki started. Strangely enough, she is officially listed in the cast credits as "Rinko." It is still unclear whether the producers took this from the fans or if indeed the producers coincidentally intended her to be "Rinko."
"Rinko" was part of the 3rd Character Popularity Poll as "2-C Girl #1." She received 95 votes and placed 25th out of 66.

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Voice actors:

Maria Yamamoto, Japanese
Majken Bullard, English