Alternative names:



Human, Archer, Elderly, Eye Patch, Ponytail, Shrine Maiden, Eyepatch, Senior


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Grey
Hair length: To Chest
Nationality: Japan
A shrine maiden and sister of Kikyo who protected the village for fifty years after her sister's death. She is the first to recognize Kagome as the reincarnation of her sister. She often shares advice and knowledge about demons and other spiritual anomalies with InuYasha's group, and is well-respected and held in high regards by Kagome, Sango, Shippō, Miroku, and even InuYasha himself sometimes. Not surprisingly considering his temperament, InuYasha is easily annoyed with her, though will listen to her when necessary. A common misconception is that she lost her right eye during the time InuYasha attacked the village to capture the sacred jewel. In the two-part anime flashback episodes "The Tragic Love Song of Destiny" it is revealed that she loses her eye during a yokai attack. Her sister Kikyo, coming to the realization that her feelings for InuYasha have lessened her spiritual powers, is unable to properly protect Kaede during the attack, resulting in the loss of her eye. ("Kaede" means "maple tree.")
Kaede Kaede

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Voice actors:

Hisako Kyouda, Japanese
Pam Hyatt, English
Linda Darlow, English
Mika Itou, Japanese
Ilona Kassai, Hungarian
Candice Moore, English
Frédérique Cantrel, French