Kaede Satonaka

Kaede is a university student whose main concern is getting something to eat. She is a sophomore History major.
She is collected, mature, unperturbed by many things and has a deadpan nature, though she also is rather scrappy and does not care about things like other people's social lives, gossip or her appearance.
She enjoys bumming around, and likes to sleep on the grass on campus grounds. She meets Miyaji Erika while doing this. She finds the other woman to be cute, but slaps Erika when she spontaneously kisses Kaede on the lips. However, Kaede does not seem upset about it, and just thinks that someone who does things like that without people's permission deserves a good smacking around.
By spending more and more time with Erika, who actively begins pursuing her, Kaeda becomes rather taken with the other woman. She is vaguely aware that she might be falling for Erika, but she handles it in a rather offhanded way, much in tone to the rest of her personality.
Kaede loosely defends Erika against slander, though she does not really seem to care much about her new friend's social life or what she did in her past. Her only concern is the Erika that she spends time with and their own interaction.
Eventually though, Kaede comes to love Erika. Kaede also realises just how much Erika loves her when she agrees to go on a group date with Kaede even though she was sick.
Accepting that her feelings for Erika is love, Kaede kisses her and the two end up dating. Kaede eventually expresses physical desire for her new girlfriend, asking her how exactly should they go about having sex, much to Erika's surprising embarrassment.
[This character appears in the chapter "Maple Love".]

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