Kaede's Friend

Kaede's classmate and close friend at university.
She is often there to give Kaede advice (which the latter does not take). She is wary of Kaede's new friendship with the rumoured maneater Erika, but learns through Kaede that most of that is just rumours and slander. She is pretty surprised at Kaede's nonchalant attitude after getting kissed by another girl, but chalks it up to her friend's strangeness and so does not bother with telling Kaede anything about it.
She often gets exasperated with Kaede's bluntness, crassness, and obliviousness. She especially finds it frustrated that her friend mostly only cares about getting a next free meal rather than looking good and dating. She is the one who inadvertently allows Kaede to realise that her feelings for Erika might be love.
The only interaction she really has with Erika is when she comes to hang around Kaede in school, and when she asks Kaede to invite Erika to a mixer, hoping that the other girl's cuteness will attract boys. She laments however that Erika is too cute, and ends up stealing away all the attention during the group date.

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