Alternative names:

Kalim of the Ten Patch Officials


Shaman, Earrings, Headband, Hair Intakes, Native American, Adult


Gender: Male
Age: 28
Birthday: 24. April
Blood type: A
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Shoulders
Nationality: America
One of Silva's friends and organizers of the Shaman Fight, Kalim tested and deemed Horohoro to be qualified to take part in the Shaman Fight. His birthday is April 24, 1971. His spirit partner is a bull named BlackSickle, with his medium being a bull skull and leg bones allowing BlackSickle to merge with the lower half of his body. His plant is the plateau.
He shares an apartment with Silva during the tournament in Tokyo, where the two constantly bicker over the heat (because they cannot afford an air conditioner and the summer is so warm and humid). Like Silva, Kalim sells handcrafted Patch goods to make somewhat of a living while in Tokyo. Kalim frequently provides a voice of reason to somewhat quell Silva's desire to interfere in the Shaman Tournament.
Kalim is apparently hemaphobic. Following the trend of Patch priests being named after metals, Kalim's name derives from Kari (加里 or カリ), or Kariumu (カリウム) meaning potassium in Japanese (derived from the German language Kalium).
Kalim Kalim Kalim

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Voice actors:

Kazuhiro Nakata, Japanese
Jonathan Todd Ross, English
Zvika Shwarzberg, Hebrew