Kanako OONO


Alternative names:

Kanako OHNO
大野 加奈子
おおの かなこ
オオノ カナコ Kanako Oono


Human, Student, Cosplayer, Fujoshi, Huge Breasts, Mole, Otaku, University Student, Teenager


Gender: Female
Age: 19
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Chest
Nationality: Japan
Birthday: July 14
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Manga: Chinmoku no Kantai
Favorite Anime: Gundam with older men in it
Favorite Video Game: Samurai Spirits
Ringtone: Gundam Risenshi, Gair's theme
Ohno is the fourth president of Genshiken. Raised in the United States since the third grade, she graduated from an American high school, joining the Genshiken at the beginning of the Fall term. Normally soft-spoken and easily embarrassed, Ohno is surprisingly upfront when it comes to one of her two main passions: cosplay. With a nice figure and large bosom, Ohno and her cosplaying (using costumes sewn personally by Tanaka, whom she begins dating) quickly become Genshiken's main attraction at student fairs. Ohno's other main passion is yaoi involving muscular, middle-aged, exceedingly bald men. One of the reasons Ohno joins Genshiken in the first place is because only they would accept her fetish. She is also close to Saki, as Saki was the first one to find out about Ohno's preference for older men.
Ohno is against cosplay sex, claiming that doing so betray the characters, but when asked if it's okay to have sex while cosplaying as a porn character, she becomes very embarrassed and indicates she has already used that loophole. Her decision to become the next president of Genshiken comes from Saki's suggestion that she could turn it into a cosplay club (literally "Society for the Study of Cosplay" in the original Japanese). Ohno later passes the presidency on to Ogiue. In the relaunch of the manga, it is revealed that she is not job hunting as she is waiting for Tanaka to finish his additional schooling, implying that she may be planning to be a housewife or to help him.
Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO Kanako OONO

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Voice actors:

Ayako Kawasumi, Japanese
Yukana, Japanese
Rachael Lillis, English
Susanne Kaps, German
Hyeon Jin Lee, Korean
Jessica Barrier, French