Kawai Kawai


Alternative names:

河合 可愛
Another high school girl who attends a different school from Kai Nagisa, she is Iczelion Silver (シルバーイクセリオン Shirubā Ikuserion?). She is not so active like the other Iczelions, but is very calm, gentle and quiet. Kawai is the first to try to persuade Nagisa to fight alongside the other Iczelions and protect the Earth. Kawai is the one who explains why the Iczel were created. While other Iczelion may have their own reasons for fighting, Kawai firmly believes there is nothing more important than defending their home, Earth. Her signature weapons are her Beam Boomerangs. She can also enter Burst Teleport Mode for rapid short-distance evasion.

Related anime:

Iczelion OVA, 1995

Voice actors:

Yuri Amano, Japanese
Jenny De Cesarei, Italian