Alternative names:

Miss Kaya


Human, Sickly, Teenager, Wealthy, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Shoulders
Kaya (カヤ) is a rich girl who gets an inheritance after her parents died. Kaya becomes sickly, and her caretaker Klahadore often tends to her. (Klahadore was found three years earlier by her father, practically dead on their doorstep. Kaya's father took pity and offered the man a job.) Secretly, the town liar--Usopp--climbs a tree outside her window and tells her tall tales that make her laugh and feel better. However, Klahadore is very disapproving of this and eventually kicks Usopp out and makes Kaya believe that he is a bad influence.
One day, Usopp listens in on a conversation between Klahadore and Jango, a hypnotist. Klahadore is really Captain Kuro and reveals that he plans to kill Kaya for her money--the last three years he has been gaining the trust of Kaya and the Village. Usopp tries to warn Kaya about the plot, but Kaya believes that he is lying; she rebukes him when he insists that he is telling the truth. She eventually learns the truth, and after Kuro is defeated, she gives the Straw Hats the Going Merry.
She was recently seen in manga chapter 440, discovering Usopp's Sogeking bounty poster. She and the former Usopp Pirates knew it was Usopp, just by looking at his nose. Kaya comments that she needs to continue to learn more about medicine as she says that when the day comes that Usopp returns he will probably be hurt from all his adventures and she wants to help him. However, his "pirate crew" vow to beat him up if Usopp ever makes Kaya cry.
Kaya Kaya Kaya Kaya Kaya Kaya Kaya Kaya Kaya

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Voice actors:

Mariko Kouda, Japanese
Carrie Savage, English
Tara Sands, English
Fernanda Bulara, Brazilian
Shandra Schadt, German
Anke Kortemeier, German
Carolina Tak, Spanish
Julie Basecqz, French
Chio Su Ping, English
Deborah Morese, Italian