Alternative names:

ケンジ Kenji


Pokémon Watcher, Artist, Headband, Monster Tamer, Teenager, Traveler, T-shirt, Bag, Shorts, Sneakers


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Green
Hair length: To Ears
While Brock was at Professor Ivy's lab, Ash and Misty land on Tangelo Island and meet this young man, Tracey. He is a Pokemon Watcher and is also a very big fan of Professor Oak. Knowing that Ash and Misty are close to Professor Oak, Tracey decides to tag along with Ash as the crew travels the Orange Islands. Only after the Orange Islands adventure, Tracey decided to stay in Pallet Town and be Professor Oak's assistant.

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Voice actors:

Tomokazu Seki, Japanese
Ted Lewis, English
Vagner Fagundes, Brazilian
Tamás Markovics, Hungarian
Dirk Meyer, German
Craig Blair, English
Bruno Mullenaerts, French