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Warrior, Masks, Unspecified


Hair colour: Brown
Three Kingdoms Counterpart: Emperor Xian of Han
The main antagonist of Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor. He appeared one day to the leaders of Nanban High and offered his aid in conquering the Kanto area in exchange for swearing allegiance to him. It was Kentei's plan to divide and conquer the Kanto superpowers (Nanyo, Seito, and Kyosho) by luring their most powerful warriors to a fake tournament on Nanban Island while sending assassins to murder the leaders while their defenses were down. He also planned to resurrect thousands of vengeful dead warriors using the blood spilled by the fighters in his captivity. To do this, he manipulated the fighters by focusing on their darkest, most evil emotions. For example, Kentei brought forth within Kanu the raging hatred and need for vengeance the historical Guan Yu felt for Lü Meng in his last moments of life.
Given Kentei's strong ties to the spirits of the deceased, it is likely that Kentei is an undead amalgam of several deceased, yet strong-willed, individuals, including Shibai and the historical Xian Di. Driven purely by ambition, hatred, and vengeance, Kentei will not stop until the entire world falls into anarchy and chaos. Although he would never admit it, Kentei is particularly afraid of those who can conquer destiny, especially Hakufu.
Kentei makes his first appearance outside the anime in volume 17 of the manga (albeit taking the form of a young mature girl). Unlike his anime counterpart, the female Kentei is the other force that is vying to change the fate of the fighters (the other being Shibai who is trying to destroy the world, while Kentei is trying to save it). She appears during Hakufu's fight with the past Sousou, and managed to save her from a deathblow where she tells her how to save the present Sousou and defeat his past counterpart. Hakufu affectionately refers to her as Ken-chan. She is also the one to reveal that Shibai isn't her real name and that her real name is Gifu who happened to be a minor figure in Ancient China, which could explain Shibai's hatred of fighters and why she was luring the Fate dragon into her body. However, Gifu's plot would be stopped when Teni stabbed both herself and Gifu.
Kentei Kentei Kentei Kentei Kentei Kentei

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Voice actors:

Mitsuki Saiga, Japanese
Julie Rei Goldstein, English