Kevin Yeegar


Alternative names:



Moustache, Headband, Uniform, Exorcist, Senior


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Gray
Hair colour: White
Hair length: To Shoulders
The oldest of the five Generals, Yeegar is also a hero who puts himself on the front-lines for the first battles. According to Komui and others, he is very strict when it comes to manners and speech, however, he is a very kind person. In the anime, he is disappointed when he didn't get to Belgium quick enough to recover the innocence, which caused one casualty. He also is fond of cooking, shown when he was happy to make more food for Allen Walker after Allen had heartily ate much of the food Yeegar prepared for himself, Allen, and the finders. Yeegar is the first General to be targeted by the Noah and defeated, mutilated, and, in the manga, crucified backwards on a cross by Tyki Mikk, who also steals and destroys his Innocence. Yeegar goes insane after the fight and rambles on about "the Heart" (the Heart of all Innocence) and how the Earl is searching for it; he dies not long after due to his injuries. He would not let his finders stay when he was attacked by Tyki Mikk and Road Kamelot, he created an opening for them and demanded they flee the scene.
In the manga, Yeegar is unknown to readers until Komui informs Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee about his death, and not much information is revealed about him. He was holding 7 innocence, plus his own, The Millennium Earl destroyed 8 pieces of innocence here. In the anime, Yeegar's anti-Akuma weapon is a pair of chained pendulums that can split into multiple pendulums, allowing him to attack multiple Akuma at once.
According to the anime, Yeegar worked as a teacher before becoming an Exorcist. When one of his students died, the student's friend turned her into Akuma that killed all of her classmates. The Akuma was later destroyed by an Exorcist that used a bow as an anti-Akuma weapon. The Exorcist told Yeegar about the Black Order, and Yeegar became an Exorcist (and eventually a General).

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Voice actors:

Kiyoshi Kawakubo, Japanese
Bill Jenkins, English
Michel Hinderyckx, French