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The shikigami of Riku Tachibana. Kogenta is a member of the Byakko (White Tiger) family of shikigami (leading many to the conclusion that Riku is Ten-Ryuu's Head). He is typically cocky, arrogant, and quick to anger. At first he can't believe that he's "Stuck with someone as dimwitted" as Riku, but eventually comes to terms with this and tries to improve Riku's character. He is the first Shikigami to become a Daikoujin, but he considers it an unfair advantage because, in his words, "I can't remember how I beat them and by the time I come to, the fights already over." In the finale, Kogenta willingly lets Riku terminate their contract, but it is speculated that the contract still lingers, as Kogenta's spirit is seen over the shrine.

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Onmyou Tai Senki TV, 2004

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Voice actors:

Sayaka Aida, Japanese