Komui LEE


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Human, Adult, Glasses, Hat, Scientist, Chinese, Beret, Uniform


Gender: Male
Age: 29
Blood type: AB
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Shoulders
Height/size: 1.93m
Nationality: China
Weight: 79kg
Age: 29
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 193cm
Weight: 79kg
Birthday: 13th June
Horoscope: Gemini
Bloodtype: AB
Interest: Sewing, Inventing
Likes: Coffee (Blue Mountain), Lenalee
Dislikes: Tidying up, Lenalee’s future husband.
Komui Lee is the Supervisor of the Black Order, and Lenalee's older brother. He is Chinese and about 29 years old. His parents were killed by Akuma when they were young, and when it was found out that Lenalee was compatible with an Innocence she was taken away from him. It was shown that Lenalee was kept in the Black Order, away from her only living family (Komui), against her will. When she tried to commit suicide, she had to be strapped down to the bed. However, Komui joined the Order and became the Science Department Supervisor for her sake and Lenalee begin to feel more at home in the Order.
Komui is shown as a very whimsical and goofy character, he is somewhat sadistic and borderline maniacal sometimes ("Why did Komui end up so strange...? I patterned this character after Yoshida. My editor." - Quote from Vol 1, Komui's profile page). He drinks coffee nonstop (or more specifically Lenalee's coffee unless he has no choice), is lazy and often tries to worm his way out of doing work by either running away from the office (Reever has to track him down), talking on the phone non-stop even when the other side hung up or other methods (he created a robot named Komurin II that went berserk and nearly tore the Headquarter apart). He keeps a notoriously messy desk and lost Allen's letter of recommendation from General Cross when Allen first joined the Order, which led the Order into believing that Allen was an intruder. In the manga when it was asked how much do his colleagues trust Komui, the mangaka answered that it was 99% trust and 1% murderous intent. During his naps, one of the only ways to wake him up is to say that Lenalee is getting married due to his doting personality.
Komui, despite everything, does have a serious side. He feels guilty for throwing the Exorcists and Finders into danger, and tries to help in anyway he can, such as making better uniforms to protect the Exorcists. He is also the one to repair damages done to the Innocences of the Exorcists although the method seems very painful. He showed a more solemn and ruthless side in the funeral for the Exorcists and Finders by refusing requests to bring General Yeager's body back to his home and saying that the General's body must be cremated. Firm in his beliefs, Komui has shown a daring in refusing to follow Special Auditor Malcom Rouvelier's orders about keeping the Akuma Egg, and instead issues his own orders for the Egg's destruction.
Lenalee and Komui seem to share some kind of telepathic link, shown when Komui collapsed when Lenalee was being drowned by Eshi and that Lenalee can tell when Komui is taking a nap even from the other side of the world. He seems to be close friends with the cook Jerry and often hides out in the kitchen.
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Voice actors:

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J. Michael Tatum, English
Gábor Maday, Hungarian
Mathieu Moreau, French
Il Kim, Korean