Konatsu Warren


Alternative names:



Military, Sword Fighter, Bishounen, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Orange
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: To Ears
Hyuuga's subordinate, he often gets exasperated at Hyuuga for failing to do his work. Recently, he also has to put up with Shuuri, who idolizes him. He is often the 'normal one' in a group full of crazy people and is shown 'reaching his limit' when no one is doing any work and are just playing around. This is interesting as it humanizes the villains.
When he was young, he was only 'ordinary', possessing no special powers. Even so, he was the best swordsman in the academy, and had top marks in the examination. However, he wanted to give up that spot so that he could be part of the Black Hawks.
Soon after applying, he is rejected since the Black Hawks don't have any need of a human without warsfeil (black magic). All his hard work with the sword couldn't make up for being gifted with that talent. Hyuuga sees him one day and challenges him to a sword fight, telling him that if he can land one hit on him, he'll give him a sword.
Konatsu ends up losing quite badly, but in the hospital, Hyuuga visits him and gives him the sword, along with an application for the Black Hawks for Konatsu to sign, to his surprise.

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Voice actors:

Daisuke Kishio, Japanese
Han Choi, Korean