Koremitsu Akagi


Alternative names:

赤城 是光
The first male protagonist of the series. He is based on Koremitsu, Genji's assistant, from "Tale of Genji."
Because he's the only one who can see Hikaru's ghost, Koremitsu decides to help Hikaru out in fulfilling his promises. Although felt Hikaru is annoying at some time, he shows a deep sympathy toward Hikaru and wish to become his "only male friend."
His intimidating looks and red hair often leads others to assume he's a delinquent, despite of his truly kind personality. As a result, Koremitsu almost never made any friends in school. He also holds a scornful attitude toward women, thanks to something that happened to him in the past. He knew nothing about how to interact with women so he would usually follow Hikaru's advice which sometimes failed miserably because of his intimidating nature. He would occasionally try to act with his instinct and can be very effective toward his opponents. He lives with his grandfather and aunt, who are both very stubborn and being bias to the opposite gender.
Koremitsu is also very skilled in Japanese Calligraphy thanks to the teaching of his grandfather. This skill serves some important purposes in later chapters.
He is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama in the Drama CD adaptation.

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