Kougyoku REN


Alternative names:

れん こうぎょく


Human, Magic User, Royalty, Princess, Hair Loop, Hair Ornament, Traditional Dress, Swordsman, Teenager


Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Purple
Hair length: Past Waist
Height/size: 1.63m
Age: 17, 18 (currently)
Height: 163cm
Likes: dressing up
Weakness: making friends
Birth place: Kou Empire
Kougyoku Ren is the Kou Empire's eighth Princess. Kougyoku is a Dungeon Capturer and owner of the Djinn, Vinea.
Judal has stated because the plans in Balbadd fell through she has lost her standing as a princess. She has temporarily allied herself with Sindria.
Kougyoku is a very willful person. She tends to act childish, but she can become serious if the situation calls for it. Even though she puts up such a willful front, she is actually a very lonely person and wants friends. She doesn't want to do everything ordered by the Kou Empire but is scared to disobey the orders.
She appears to have fallen in love with Sinbad at first sight. She becomes very nervous and embarrassed around him. Others have commented on the fact that she would do anything he says, a fact that he himself has not seemed to notice.
Later she becomes a good friend of Alibaba.
Her name means "red jewel".
Kougyoku REN Kougyoku REN Kougyoku REN Kougyoku REN Kougyoku REN Kougyoku REN

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Voice actors:

Kana Hanazawa, Japanese
Kira Buckland, English
Yong Sin Lee, Korean

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