Koumei JOKOU


Alternative names:

徐晃 公明
じょこう こうめい


Human, Warrior


Gender: Male
Blood type: A
Hair colour: Black
Height/size: 1.74m
Nationality: Japan
A member of the Three Pillared Gods (許昌三柱神?), Kyosho Academy's elite trio of A-ranked fighters. His predecessor had skills that equaled Kanu's 1800 years ago. In the original battle, Jokou had forced Kanu to retreat; in the present, Jokou challenged Kanu and even managed to knock her out. However, Kanu recovered and was able to defeat him. Jokou took a risk and bluffed about how Kyosho's other fighters had Seito surrounded and were about to hunt down Ryubi. Although at the time Cho-un kept the school and Ryubi protected, Kanu decided not to risk Ryubi's safety and surrendered. After the Battle of Red Cliffs in Dragon Destiny, the Three Pillared Gods become a tourist attraction in the mountains.
Koumei JOKOU Koumei JOKOU Koumei JOKOU Koumei JOKOU Koumei JOKOU Koumei JOKOU

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Voice actors:

Kouji Yusa, Japanese
Tony Salerno, English
Damien Da Silva, French