Kouro Enjutsu


Alternative names:

袁術 公路
Three Kingdoms Counterpart: Yuan Shu
The former leader of Nanyo and once Totaku's lapdog, a complete weakling at that. Kakouen mutilated his face when she attacked Nanyo looking for the Gyokuji. He played a role in Ryubi's first awakening of her dragon three years before the start of the series.
Kaku offered to help Enjutsu get revenge on Teifu for pushing him around, and staged a phony video of Enjutsu's henchmen about to rape Ryomou (Kaku in disguise) and showed it to Teifu, threatening they would go ahead with the rape if he would not obey Enjutsu. When Teifu fell for the trick, Enjutsu sent him to assault Seito and attack Ryubi, eventually leading to her dragon awakening.
He is currently presumed dead. In the anime, he is killed by Kannei under Ouin's orders prior to the series' start, driving Kannei insane, and only his withered corpse is seen.

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