Alternative names:



Youkai, Demon, Scarf, Ribbon, Sandals, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: To Neck
Birthday: June 15
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Clan: Nura Clan
Kubinashi is a yokai of the Nura Clan whose head floats above his shoulders as he has no neck. He frequently takes care of laundry around the Nura mansion and fights using string.
When he was a human, he was a chivalrous thief akin to Robin Hood. He was eventually killed by yokai, and he became a yokai himself to exact revenge on other yokai. After being defeated by Rihan, he joined his Night Parade. He looked after Rikuo when he was a child, often teaching him cat's cradle.
He was friends with Kejoro before she became a yokai.

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Voice actors:

Takahiro Sakurai, Japanese
Todd Haberkorn, English