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He is the commanding officer of Division 1, who used to be loyal to the government until the catastrophe occurred 20 years ago. He becomes disenchanted with humanity after his best friend Natsume, who was then Minister of Defense during the meltdown, abandoned him and his troops while performing a citywide evacuation. He then conceived a plan to destroy humanity worldwide by a constructed sarcophagus filled with various toxic wastes that were dumped around the city by unscrupulous international waste management companies, he plans to detonate the sarcophagus so that the toxic fumes will reach the atmosphere and spread the contamination all over the world.
The meltdown has left him disfigured, in return, he gained the ability to survive outside without a Hazmat suit.

Related anime:

Coppelion TV, 2013

Related manga:

Coppelion Manga, 2008

Voice actors:

Yousuke Akimoto, Japanese
Steve Kramer, English