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Gender: Male
Hair colour: Black
Kunitachi is a caretaker at a park in Tokyo who appears in episode 015. Ami takes Rei and Usagi to the park, and they meet Kunitachi there. He is very upset that the park's land owner has sold the land, and that it will soon be demolished in order to build a new shopping district. He laments that when the park is gone, the birds and animals will have nowhere to go, although he feels that there is nothing he can do about it. Later, as he is watching the demolition crew work, he thinks aloud that he wishes there was a way to protect the park. Just then, Nephrite appears behind him in his Masato Sanjoin disguise. Nephrite tells Kunitachi, "It is time for you to teach those conceited humans the wrath of nature." He then places his evil crest on Kunitachi's hat, causing it to become possessed by a youma. Afterwards, Kunitachi is completely under the control of the youma. He becomes very angry about the demolition of the park. He remembers Nephrite's words, and sends a swarm of butterflies to break the demolition team's equipment and harrass the employees. Nephrite notes that due to the youma's influence, Kunitachi can now control animals... but the more he uses this power, the more his energy will increase towards its peak. Later, Kunitachi becomes very angry, and even tells Ami that humans like her don't deserve "to enjoy the boons of nature." Ami figures out that the Dark Kingdom is at work within the park, and warns Usagi that something terrible is happening. Just then, Kunitachi spots them in the park. He says, "Foolish humans! You people forgot the boon that nature provided you with, and the only way you can atone for it is with your deaths!" At this moment, Kunitachi has reached his peak energy. The youma Petasos emerges from the crest Nephrite placed on Kunitachi's hat. She drains Kunitachi of his energy, and he falls to the ground, unconscious. After Petasos was defeated, Kunitachi's personality shifted back to normal, and he had no memory of anything that happened.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Toshiya Ueda, Japanese