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Supernatural Being, Lieutenant Colonel, Bloodthirsty, Eye Patch, Magic User, Eyepatch, Braid, Unspecified, Teenager, Unknown/ambiguous


Birthday: 25. September
Eye colour: Pink
Hair colour: Pink
Hair length: To Waist
Height/size: 1.49m
Nationality: Barsburg
Weight: 37kg
Gender: Unknown
Birthday: 25th of September
Age: Presumably between the ages of 8 and 10
Height: 149cm
Weight: 37kg
Blood type: O
Meaning of name: Black-lily
The youngest of Ayanami's subordinates.
Usually is paired up with Haruse and they sort of have this 'little guy'-big dude' relationship.
Kuroyuri's gender is actually a point of contention in the manga. In one omake panel, Konatsu asks for an answer. To this Kuroyuri replies 'It's a secret'. When Hyuuga presses him/her for an answer Kuroyuri snaps: 'do you want to die?'
Kuroyuri has a strong belief that those who break the law need to be punished severely, and has a cat like habit of toying with his/her enemies similar to how a child plays with dolls. Kuroyuri also exhibits a steely determination and ruthlessness when doing something, and does not give up easily- adopting this trait after surviving from an incident in his/her childhood and becoming a person 'who refuses to die'. However like any other young child, Kuroyuri needs more hours of sleep than his/her older team mates, so is often found sleeping in the arms of Haruse. Kuroyuri is also a very heavy sleeper, and doesn't wake up when the people around are shouting- or fighting at each other.
Despite Kuroyuri's formidable fighting ability, he/she is still a small child and as a result is easily upset when things do not go his/her way. Kuroyuri is very possessive of those he/she likes and is easily upset when they are injured.
Kuroyuri is fanatical about Ayanami, will do anything to protect him, and holds a great level of respect towards him. Kuroyuri was very upset, even offended, when he/she saw Frau using Ayanami's scythe. Ayanami is something of a parental figure to Kuroyuri, and comforts him/her when he/she cries. When Ayanami became injured, Kuroyuri was worried about him and was delighted to see him well again.
- Kuroyuri has no sense of taste, losing it when he/she was poisoned.
- Kuroyuri has said that he/she has fallen in love with someone, but he/she doesn't have the courage to confess (first drama CD).
- Kuroyuri hates waking up early in the morning (second drama CD).
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Voice actors:

Chiwa Saito, Japanese
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